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Reviewing True-Crime and Conspiracy Case Files! 

Oct 29, 2018


This week’s case file is TC-0105-P1: Satan of Northport, The Case of Ricky Kasso

We are joined by the author of "The Acid King" Jesse Pollack. In the 1970’s a growing social sickness began to spread. Although many things attributed to this widespread phenomena For many sociologists they attribute this in part to...

Oct 22, 2018


This week’s case file is TC-0104: The Connecticut River Valley Killer.

1998, a federal law was passed by the United States Congress, titled: Protection of Children from Sexual Predator Act of 1998 (Title 18, United States Code, Chapter 51, and Section 1111). This law includes a definition of serial killings:


Oct 15, 2018


July 27, 1981, Reve (pronounce ReVey) Walsh and her 6 year old son Adam were at the Sears Department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood Florida.


Adam begged his mother to let him play the Atari 2600 that was on kiosk display that they passed near the toy aisles. Reve, noting a group of other kids at the game...

Oct 8, 2018


On September 3, 1965, approximately 5 miles south of Exeter, New Hampshire, in the neighboring town of Kensington a highly publicized UFO sighting occurred.


Although several separate sightings had been made by numerous witnesses in the weeks leading up to September 3rd, the specific incident, this specific event...

Oct 1, 2018


Fayetteville NC is a small city put on the map from its proximity and connection to Ft Bragg. The city is as wide-reaching in its social and cultural themes as any city with low income and poverty struck areas and upper-class neighborhoods.

Meadowbrook at Kings Grant Apartments is a popular and affordable place that...