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Reviewing True-Crime and Conspiracy Case Files! 

Oct 15, 2018


July 27, 1981, Reve (pronounce ReVey) Walsh and her 6 year old son Adam were at the Sears Department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood Florida.


Adam begged his mother to let him play the Atari 2600 that was on kiosk display that they passed near the toy aisles. Reve, noting a group of other kids at the game taking turns playing the game. She decided that since she only had to stop at the lamp department and that she would be back quickly enough to allow Adam to go to the kiosk where the other boys were and she would be back shortly.


She did tell Adam not to wander off or go anywhere and she went on to complete her shopping at the lamp department and returned at approximately 12:15 to find Adam and the other boys who were at the kiosk were no longer there.


The store manager informed Mrs. Walsh that a scuffle had broke out between the older boys over whose turn it was to play the game. The security guard told the kids to leave the store. The guard asked the older boys if their parents were there and they said they were not.


Apparently (according to Adam’s parent informed conjecture) that Adam was likely too shy to speak to the security guard, who admittedly assumed that Adam was with one of the older boys.


The Guard then informed investigators that he lead the boys to the Sears West entrance (Reve and Adam entered the North entrance) and made the boys depart the store. After page announcements and a frantic search throughout Sears, Reve finally called a reported Adams disappearance to the Hollywood Police at 1:55pm.


For two weeks Hollywood and Florida State investigators found not a single trace of Adam. Despite multiple witnesses at the Mall and in the parking lot who reportedly saw Adam with an unidentified man who they described to police and the possible vehicle that he left the mall with Adam in.


On August 10, 1981, two fishermen in a drainage canal along the Florida Turnpike near Vero Beach (130 miles from Hollywood Florida) discovered Adams severed head. Medical examiners determined Adam had been killed by asphyxiation and his head was severed post-mortem.

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